Jang Dong Gun Doesn’t Think His Wife Ko So Young Helps Out Much

Jang Dong Gun expressed his honest feelings about his wife Ko So Young and the amount of help she gives him as a wife. 

On an episode of “Section TV Entertainment News” that aired of December 18, there was a segment on an interview with Jang Dong Gun, Odagiri Joe and Fan Bingbing. They are the main stars in the recent film, “My Way.

When asked if his wife Ko So Young is helpful wife, he answered, “Well, I would receive help from my wife if I go home but a lot of the filming that I do occurs outside of town.” Then the reporter asked, “Then you haven’t received much aid from your wife?” To that Jang Dong Gun just gave off a bittersweet smile and nodded, which made others laugh. 

Hopefully, this couple can have more time to spend with each other over the holidays!