T-ara’s Boram Lost Over 40 Pounds

T-ara’s Boram has gotten so thin that her recent weight loss has garnered much attention. 

On an episode of “Quiz That Changes The World” that aired on December 17, T-ara’s Boram, Soyeon and Hyomin guest starred on the show.

During the show, Boram confessed that she recently lost over 40 pounds (20kg) by jump roping, shocking all of the other guests. She continued to say, “All of the T-ara members lost a lot of weight while preparing for the new album.”

Then MC Park Mi Sun stated, “If you lose a lot of weight on your face, then you might get ‘parentheses lines,'” referring to the lines on the side of the mouth. Then Boram answered, “I do get those ‘parentheses lines’ when I laugh so I can’t laugh freely. So I have a habit of holding back my parentheses lines when I laugh. I heard that they form less if you hold them back when you laugh.”

Netizens exclaimed, “Losing over 40 pounds (20kg) is amazing,” “Boram got prettier,” “T-ara lost so much weight,” and so on.

Example of a model holding back her ‘parentheses lines’