Sohee Displays High Fashion Sense for "Z_ZIN" Photo Shoot

Girl group Wonder Girls member, Sohee, is garnering attention for her unconventional photo shoot.

A series of captured pictures from a photo shoot for “Z_ZIN” magazine was recently uploaded on an online community website.

In the pictures, Sohee wore short blonde and gray wigs and portrayed different charms. She also wore an unusual style of makeup to display a bold style. Her see-through look, daring tube top, and stylish high fashion poses all instantly grabbed the attention of the readers.

Fans and netizens who saw the pictures said, “The photo shoot conveys some sort of mysteriousness,” “It only worked because it was Sohee,” “That is my Sohee! She is like a model,” “Sohee’s body is the bomb,” “She is really charming,” and “It is too much… Even if it is Sohee.”