Yong Hwa Told Not to Get Married Early?

A fortune teller told CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa not to get married anytime soon. During the December 18 episode of SBS “Running Man,” Jung Yong Hwa had his palm read by a fortune teller in Hong Kong, who consulted on his health, business, and relationship.

The palm reader first started off nice, telling Yong Hwa, “Your business looks to be very good. It’s going to do very well. Your health is also looking fine.”

But his advice on Yong Hwa’s love line was rather gloomy as he said, “You need to wait a few more years to have a girl friend. Never try to get married too early.”

Yong Hwa at first looked surprised but seemed to agree as he exclaimed, “That’s exactly what my parents told me!”

Netziens who saw the show commented, “I guess I should get married later too,” “It’s the trend to get married late these days,” and “It’s sad that he has to wait for his girl friend too.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa and his band CN Blue have just wrapped up their Japanese Tour Concert, selling out all 14 concerts. 

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