Hyun Seung and HyunA Get Ready for Christmas with "High Cut"

Since their debut, Troublemaker has been blazing up anything on their trail, including music program trophies and variety show appearances. This time, they’re back with a stunning new photoshoot for “High Cut” magazine!

The magazine was released on December 15, and fans were delighted to see the duo dressed in luxurious pieces that looked perfect for the Christmas season. Matched up in gold, red, and white, the duo look ready to steal the scene of any Christmas party this year!

Remaining true to their concept and name, the two heated up the scene of the photoshoot by pulling off some risque poses that is sure to make any fan squirm. They also proved themselves to be idol fashionistas by pulling off some more difficult looks like fur vests and dresses made out of a scarf. 

The entire photoshoot is available through the 67th issue of the magazine. Behind-the-scenes photos will also be released through High Cut’s official website.