Lee Seung Gi Enlists SNSD’s Help for "Rainbow Mission"

On last night’s episode of KBS’s1 Night 2 Days (IN2D),” the members were assigned the mission to photograph the five most beautiful places in Korea. Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji Won were given the task to capture a rainbow. However, as fate would have it – as it always has on “1N2D,” the day was too cloudy for a natural rainbow to appear. Since he’s joined “1N2D,” Seung Gi has always shown his resilience and determination to complete his mission, and yesterday was not an exception. After thorough research online, he found that he could create an artificial rainbow by spraying water in a highly lit area.

As a result, Seung Gi visited the set of KBS2 “Music Bank,” where he caught up with SNSD to ask them a favor. After exchanging awkward greetings, Seung Gi asked, “My mission is to photograph a rainbow, and I was wondering if several of you could help me.” YoonA, Sooyoung, Yuri, and Hyoyeon agreed and followed Seung Gi onstage, where they were given water sprays bottles.  The girls’ tasks were to spray water as fast as possible and continuously until Seung Gi was able to capture a rainbow on his camera.

With the help of four beautiful ladies, Seung Gi was the first to complete his mission, and he thanked them by shaking their hands. On numerous occasions, Seung Gi had declared YoonA as his ideal type, and netizens noticed his bashful smile around her. It seems as if Lee Seung Gi is using any excuse to be near YoonA. ::nudge nudge:: How about doing a drama together? ^^ 


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