Which K-Pop Artist Had the Highest Sales Record in Japan?

Kara and SNSD had the highest sales records this past year among all K-Pop artists in Japan, according to Oricon Chart’s “2011 Annual Artist Sales Ranking.” Based on Oricon’s sales records from December 27, 2010 to December 19, 2011, Kara and SNSD were the two most profitable K-Pop artists in Japan, when total single and album sales were combined. This also put Kara and SNSD at #4 and #5, respectively, among all artists in Japan, as well.

Kara’s total sales record from 2011 was 4.9 billion yen ($62.9 million USD), ranking right behind some of Japan’s most popular artists such as AKB48 ($208 million USD), ARASHI ($196.5 million USD), and EXILE ($71.9 million USD). SNSD’s total revenue came out to 4 billion yen ($51.9 million USD), which was the fifth highest right after EXILE.

Kara’s “Super Girl” sold a combined 450,595 copies while “Girl’s Talk” recorded 277,306 copies in sales in Japan, which were #7 and #22, respectively. Their singles, “Go Go Summer” and “Jet Coaster Love,” also finished at #25 and #26 in total sales.

SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” was the fifth highest selling album in Japan with 642,054 copies, while “Hoot” sold 148,761 copies, or the 42nd most among all artists in Japan.

DBSK, meanwhile, had two singles ranked in the top 50 with “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” and “Superstar” each ranking #16 and #41, respectively, while Jang Geun Suk came in at #29 with 215,714 copies sold.

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