2AM Sells Out Tickets to Japanese Tour in 10 Minutes

As one of the only vocal groups to make the cross over to Japan, 2AM‘s Japanese advancement has been a highly anticipated one for some time now. 

This excitement was reflected in the sales for their upcoming Japanese tour, as the boys sold out tickets for all four cities in just 10 minutes flat! Tickets went on sale through Ticket Pia and other Japanese ticketing sites at 10 AM on December 17. Within 10 minutes, everything had completely sold out, lending weight to the prospect of a successful debut.

2AM hasn’t even made their debut yet, nor have they done any promotions aside from being named the brother group to 2PM, so this achievement not only comes as a pleasant surprise, but also as a prediction for more success. 

The boys will be releasing their debut single, “Never Let You Go,” on January 11, 2012. The single is expected to include the Japanese versions of their latest hits. 

Fans couldn’t help but exclaim over the feat, leaving comments like, “Wow, all sold out! Even without an official debut, amazing!” and “It’s only a matter of time before 2AM takes over Japan!”

2AM will be holding a Christmas concert on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day while preparing for their “Never Let You Go” promotions.