ALi Apologizes to Parents of “Nayoungee”

It was reported today that ALi made a personal visit to the parents of “Nayoung” over the weekend to apologize for the song, “Nayoungee,” that mentions Nayoung’s 2008 rape incident. Better known as the “Cho Doo Soon Case” in Korea for its brutality, Nayoung is the name of the eight-year old victim who was sexually assaulted by Cho Doo Soon at a local church in 2008.

The meeting was held on December 17, a day after ALi’s emotional press conference where she revealed for the first time that she herself is a rape victim and just wanted to give hope and comfort to Nayoung through this song.

“After the press conference, ALi met with Nayoung’s father on December 17. The two hugged and wept as soon as they met, and Nayoung’s father embraced her as if she’s his own daughter,” ALi’s representative said.

The meeting was first made public through So Jae Won, the writer of the book, “Searching for Wings of Hope,” which is a novel based on the “Cho Doo Soon Case.” He wrote on his personal home page, “Nayoung’s father told ALi that she’s a beautiful girl with a deep heart. He said he wanted to support her moving forward.”

The writer also apologized for openly criticizing ALi online. “I apologize for not understanding the real meaning behind ALi’s lyrics, despite being a writer. Since you are deeply wounded, I would like to embrace you with warmth. Please forgive the cruel comments I made about you in the last few days,” So Jae Won said. “Just like ALi apologized and gave hope to Nayoung’s family, we are obligated to give her hope, since we took it away from her. Now is the time to support her,” he added.

Previously, So Jae Won said, “I’ve sworn to become Nayoung’s protecting shield and Nayoung’s father’s life-long partner. I demand a sincere apology from ALi. There are a lot of parts that make me question her sincerity in the song (Nayoungee).”

ALi has gone under fire for the lines of the song, “Nayoungee,” that says, “You threw away your youth, selling your body, selling your soul, Your pitiful life has been taken away from you.” To respond to the criticism, she held a press conference and revealed she’s a rape victim and that all she wanted to do was bring light to Nayoung’s case and give hope to the victim.

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