Park Si Yeon and Kim Hee Sun Show Off Perfect Beauty at MAMA’s After Party

Kim Hee Sun (34) and newlywed Park Si Yeon’s perfect beauty has once again collected high interest.

Recently, on an online community forum, pictures from the 2011 MAMA after party were posted. In the picture, Kim Hee Sun and Park Si Yeon are holding champagne glasses and posing closely. Both of them seem to be having a great time, but their radiant beauties were what garnered so much attention. Kim Hee Sun’s never changing beauty drew many eyes, even creating disbelief that she is a mother of a child. Even though they are posing naturally, it seemed like a cut from a photoshoot.

The two ladies’ fashion also caught the eye of the netizens. Park Si Yeon donned a black, low-cut mini dress for a sexy but classy look. Kim Hee Sun sported a glittery cardigan matched with short shorts for a glamorous yet elegant look.

With top actors and actresses, who have also attended the 2011 MAMA such as Lee Byung Hun, Han Chae Young, Song Seung Hun, Yoon Eun Hye and Song Joong Ki, the 2011 MAMA after party must have been a dazzling event.