IU Performs Sexy Dance for "Uncle Fans" on "Happy Together 3"

IU has recently been coined with having many “uncle fans” due to her innocent and girlish charms. But when guest starred on “Happy Together 3” this week, she performed a sexy dance for her “uncle fans” for the first time.

This week’s episode of “Happy Together 3” will be Christmas party-themed (they already finished filming the episode). Boom has also appeared as a guest for this episode and he adorned the set with Christmas decorations and DJ equipment for a fun atmosphere. As the party atmosphere got more and more intense, the other members of the show asked IU to do a sexy dance. IU replied that she never performed a sexy dance on TV before but as soon as the music blasted, she began to break it down with sexy wave moves.

All of the “uncle fans” on the cast of “Happy Together 3,” including the main emcees, the “G4” comedians and the other male guests such as Jun Hyun Moo and Marco, wildly cheered her on. They scrambled around, staging a competition to approach IU and eventually, Jun Hyun Moo even got hit on the head during his attempts. It even came down to MC Park Mi Sun becoming a human barricade to protect IU from the frantic “uncle fans,” which spread laughter throughout the set.

Catch IU’s sexy dance and the rest of this hilarious and fun episode of “Happy Together 3” on December 22.