Kim Tae Hee's Handwritten Letter Caused Lee Jung Jin's Breakup with Past Girlfriend?

Lee Jung Jin revealed the shocking story of how he and his past girlfriend broke up because of Kim Tae Hee.

On the Christmas special episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on December 20, Lee Jung Jin started his story by saying, “Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, problems occur because of the other people around you.”

He continued to say, “I worked with Kim Tae Hee long ago in the drama, ‘Love Story in Harvard.’ Not long after that drama, I had to go overseas to America to start filming for the movie, ‘Mapado.’ I couldn’t see my girlfriend at the time for about four months.” He went on to explain how some people began to tell his girlfriend that male costars who work with Kim Tae Hee all fall for her. So his girlfriend began to be jealous of Kim Tae Hee.

He went on and said, “I finished filming in the States after two months and returned to Korea. My girlfriend and I were at my parent’s house. I was out, talking to my parents and my girlfriend was in my room, unpacking my stuff and she found a handwritten letter that Kim Tae Hee gave me. The letter read, ‘Oppa, I’m glad that we are working together for this project. Please regard me comfortably from now on.'”

Lee Jung Jin explained that it wasn’t just him who received the letter but the other costar, Kim Rae Won as well. But the damage was already done. He said, “She already heard from many others that all male actors fall for Kim Tae Hee so telling her about Kim Rae Won wouldn’t have helped. The situation was already over. The passing by conversations of others have piled up and washed over me like a tsunami wave” and he expressed his unfortunate break-up.

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