F.CUZ Reveals Video Teaser of New Fourth Member

It was just a few months ago that Lee U devastated fans by announcing that he’d be leaving F.CUZ to embark on a solo career. Fans had to watch the remaining trio go on with their Japanese promotions with an empty void. 

Fortunately, the boys will be in tow with a new fourth member for their Korean comeback next year! Their official fancafe updated with a new message and video regarding news of the member. 

Check out the video and the official message below:

“Hello, this is CAN ENTERTAINMENT.

It’s been a while since we’ve greeted you, and as such, we’re glad to be back with great news for our loving and supportive fans. 

F.CUZ has kept silent for a very long time since the loss of a member, but they are now ready to embark on a new journey. 

For the past year, F.CUZ has been promoting as a unit group with Jinon, Kan, and Yejun. They worked hard to fill that empty space in their group, but they are now ready for their Korean 2012 comeback with a new member to fill that space. 

We know that you are curious about the new member. To hopefully lay down some answers to your questions, we have prepared a surprise video of the member. 

The video is a cover of Jang Hye Jin‘s “One Late Night in 1994,” a song by a senior that he greatly respects. She is also a part of our own company. He interpreted the song in his own style, and we’re sure that you can hear how powerful his voice is as well as his charms. 

As it is his first time greeting his fans, he sang this with a nervous heart. Please give him your love and support. 

Lastly, we ask that you continue to support F.CUZ as they prepare to return with a new image in 2012.

Thank you. ^^”

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