Lee Hyori Cements her Status as the Charity Angel

Lee Hyori has always been recognized for being devoted to community service. Just recently, she delivered coal briquettes and donated approximately $50,000 to disadvantaged senior citizens who live alone in hopes to keep them warm from the bitter winter weathers. Various Korean press and netizens have praised her for her compassion, and Lee Hyori expressed her embarrassment at such lavish compliments.

Earier today, Hyori tweeted, “Aigoo, it’s nothing to be praised about. They’re not keeping themselves warm with expensive oil, nor do they use the cheaper coals everyday…just only on really cold days. I just hope that one day my money will no longer be needed.”

According to the Korea Association in Community Care for the Elderly, Hyori and 21 members of her fan club volunteered in handing out coal briquettes for the impoverished senior citizens last Sunday, December 18. Despite the chilly weather, Hyori’s smile never left her face, and she had a great time, talking with the elderly and handing out citron tea she personally made.

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