IU is Against Dating and Wants to Get Married

IU recently revealed her thoughts on dating and marriage.

On the episode of “Happy Together 3” that will air on December 22, she said that she would rather get married than date because she thinks she will get sick of it.

She said, “I started this work at a young age – when I was in middle school – so I have never officially dated a guy before. When I was young, I had silly one-day relationships but that’s it.”

She continued to say, “When I get older, I will be able to have more chances to date but I feel like I will get sick of it. Meeting someone, dating, breaking up and meeting another person and repeating the same things – this will all just lead to marriage so I feel like I will get sick of that dating process. I’d rather get married as soon as I become an adult.”

IU expressed her thoughts during the Christmas party special episode of “Happy Together 3,” where she even showed off a sexy dance. Don’t forget to catch this episode for more of IU!