Who Was Chosen as the Best Idol of the Year by Fellow Idols?

Perhaps there is no better honor than to be recognized as one of the best by the very artists you look up to. Infinite recently achieved this feat, as they were chosen as the best idol group of 2011 by their fellow seniors and juniors.

MBC Every1 recently surveyed BEAST, Infinite, B1A4, G.NA, T-ara, and the Brown Eyed Girls, and asked them to choose who they personally thought should be considered the best idol of the year. 

The honor went to none other than Infinite, who has quickly risen to the top through strenuous but fruitful promotions all year long. With hits like “Be Mine” and “Paradise” under their belt, they’ve launched themselves to superstardom with trophies and digital chart rankings to show for their achievements. 

Rapper Miryo said, “They’ve now become the trendiest of idols,” while Rainbow‘s No Eul said, “They gained popularity and public recognition through their songs alone,” nodding to the group’s non-stop efforts since the day of their debut. 

Congratulations, Infinite!