Secret’s Hyosung Has Recovered from Her Leg Injury?

Fans of Secret can rest assured as Hyosung has revealed through a new photo update that her leg injury has completely healed!

Earlier in the month, she had concerned fans by showing up in braces at several award ceremonies and missing out on the last weeks of Secret’s “Love is Move” promotions. She also had a cast during the performance in Paris, France for the “Korea Brand Entertainment Expo.”

But it appeares she’s recovered now as seen in the photos released on December 22. Secret wrote on their cafe, “The beginning is Secret, and eventually Secret.” 

Pictured are two group photos of the girls dressed in chic winter outfits, like white fur jackets, stylish boots, and fun accessories.  Hyosung’s shorts also show that she isn’t wearing her cast anymore, and is free to roam without the need for crutches and a cast. 

Netizens said, “Hyosung’s leg is all better, congrats!” “I’m glad to see Hyosung has recovered from her injury,” and “They look so stylish posing with Paris as their background!”