SISTAR Sends Special Christmas Video Message

The sexy girl group SISTAR has sent a special video message to wish everyone a merry Christmas!

Clad in sexy Santa outfits, SISTAR is seen enjoying a silly singing and dancing moment, before giving the following message to their fans:

“Hi, we’re SISTAR! It’s already Christmas! It’s really cold but we hope you enjoy a warm Christmas. We, SISTAR, will do our best to have a great Christmas too! Also, make sure you stay healthy and don’t catch a cold! We hope Styles (SISTAR’s fan club) remember we’re working hard, thinking of you guys! We love you all! Merry Christmas!”  

Bora, in particular, seems to be having a good time as she couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole video. Make sure you see the entire video to catch their funny ending, too. Check out the video below!

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