"My Princess’" Song Seong Heon Reveals Childhood Dreams

Earlier today, “My Princess’Song Seung Heon attended the opening ceremony of Italian restaurant black’smith in the posh neighborhood of Sinsadong in Gangnam, Seoul. At the ceremony, the actor revealed his childhood dreams. He said, “When I was a kid, my first dream was to become Superman. Afterwards, my dream was to own a hotel.” 

Song Seung Heon continued, “I still can’t forget the food I ate at this hotel I visited as a little boy. I went to my first hotel buffet for my father’s birthday. At the buffet, I could eat all the delicious food I wanted. At the time, I figured that if I owned a hotel, I could eat all these great food everyday. I feel like I fulfilled my dream through this restaurant. While I don’t know a lot about managing a foodservice outlet yet, I’ll try my best.”

black’smith is a new Italian restaurant chain launched by the same operators of the coffee shop Caffe bene and is endorsed by Song Seong Heon himself, along with Kim Tae Hee and JYJ’s Yoochun. For those who enjoy visiting celebrity hotspots, you might want to visit the black’smith in Shinsadong – as it’s own by Song Seon Heon. You never know~ You might just run into him one day!