Song Joong Ki to Donate Paycheck to Charity

The MBC series, “Tears of the Earth” is set to release its fourth installment, “Tears of the Antarctic,” which features the voice of actor Song Joong Ki as the narrator.  MBC revealed to the public that Song Joong Ki will be donating his pay generated from the program to those in need.

While watching and working on the “Tears of the Earth” series, Song Joong Ki took an interest in environment saving. Song Joong Ki had this to say regarding his experience, “The ‘Tears of the Earth’ story focuses of the penguins and their love of family has truly inspired me. The pay isn’t much, but it is for a good cause. I hope that it will be spent well.” He plans on donating the entire amount of his paycheck, which he received while working on “Tears of the Antarctic,” to support those in need.

Song Joong Ki became the fourth narrator of the documentary series. He was preceded by:  Ahn Sung Ki, Kim Nam Gil, and Hyun Bin. During Song Joong Ki’s participation much interest was generated for the program.

“Tears of the Antarctic” is scheduled to air on December 23 at 11PM in Korea.