Secret Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas

The four beautiful ladies of Secret have shared a special Christmas greeting video for their fans!

Uploaded on their channel on December 21, the girls dressed up glamrously in their velvet pink stage outfits to greet their fans a very Merry Christmas. Sunhwa begins the video by saying, “Hello to all of our Secret Time fans. Have you all been doing well? Christmas is coming up!”

Zinger then asks, “How will our Secret fans be spending their Christmas? What will we be doing?” Hyosung replies, “I believe we will be tending to our schedules as well as rehearsing a lot.” 

Jieun cutely piped up to plead, “We won’t be able to see you guys anymore because we’ve concluded our ‘Love Is Move’ promotions, but please don’t forget us!”

Hyosung finally concluded the video by saying, “To all of our fans, we hope that you have a happy, warm Christmas and year-end. Until now, it has been Secret! Thank you! Merry Christmas!”

Check out the video below: