IU Reveals Her Ideal Type on "Happy Together 3"

The recent Christmas special of KBS2’s popular variety show “Happy Together 3” was packed with great celebrities, including, IU, Boom, Kim Na Young, Jun Hyun Moo and Marco.

This episode also featured a special segment called “Ideal Type World Cup,” where IU was given a chance to pick her ideal type from the men on the show. Not only the main MC Yoo Jae Suk, but also Park Myung Soo, the “G4” (gag man 4) members Kim Joon Ho, Kim Won Hyo, Hu Kyung Hwan, Kung Bum Kyun and the male guests Boom, Marco and Jun Hyun Moo all waited in full anticipation for her response.

She did not hesitate too much between the contestants and picked out who she liked relatively quickly. The final showdown was between the nation’s MC Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hyo. Both “uncles” were very nervous about her final pick, and eventually she chose Kim Won Hyo as her ideal type, shocking everybody on the set.

She backed up her choice by stating, “Senior Kim Won Hyo is always smiling with his eyes, I like that feature very much.” Yoo Jae Suk openly expressed his disappointment, making everybody on the set burst out in laughter.

IU also showed off her sexy wave dance in this episode, making many men melt for her cute, yet sexy charms.

Just recently, IU also stated that her ideal type on a recent episode SBS “Cultwo Show.” She described her ideal type as, ““I am not that crazy about guys who are solely attractive. They must also have a passion for what they do and work hard. I also prefer guys who are in love with me and me only, because I can be very jealous.” Does the description fit Kim Won Hyo’s profile?