Producer Brave Brothers: "Few Idol Singers Now as Passionate as Big Bang’s Taeyang"

Producer and composer Brave Brothers, whose real name is Kang Hong Chul made a strong statement about persevering attitude in new idol singers. “Idol singers nowadays lack passion,” he said in an interview in connection with his upcoming stint as a judge in jTBC’s idol audition program “Made in U.”

Brave Brothers is the composer behind SISTAR’s hits “Push Push” and “So Cool.” He has also successfully produced and managed the debut of his own groups Electroboyz in 2010 and Brave Girls this year. He worked as a producer in one of the biggest entertainment agencies, YG Entertainment. During his stint there, he produced songs for Big Bang, including “Last Farewell,” as well as for Son Dambi.

“When I was a producer at YG Entertainment, Big Bang’s Taeyang was still a trainee,” he said. “He would get angry and cry when things didn’t work out, and keep practicing they turned out the way he wanted them to. Few idol singers are that earnest now. They need perseverance, effort and confidence.”

Those qualities are what he is looking for both as a judge of “Made in U” and his own trainees. Brave Brothers now manages his own company, Brave Entertainment. He has whittled down his current roster from 30 last month to 17.

“I want to be confident in the singers I help debut, so I have to track their progress myself,” he said. “In the audition program, I am going to be very frank, even cold. I’ll swear if I feel like it. But I’ll also give praise when I meet talented candidates.”

“Made in U” is accepting auditions until December 31. The show begins airing in January 2012.