JYJ’s Jaejoong Kissed Wang Ji Hye More Than 50 Times for “Protect the Boss”

Earlier today, we reported Jaejoong’s appearance on KBS Radio, “Choi Kang Hee’s Night Flight.” KBS Radio said the star singer/actor has finished recording the show on December 22, and the episode will be aired on December 25 as a Christmas special.

During the show, it was reported that Jaejoong talked about the famed kissing scene he had with Wang Ji Hye on SBS drama “Protect the Boss.” It turns out the two filmed the scene over and over again because of their repeated mistakes. “I kissed really hard for the kissing scene with Wang Ji Hye. We filmed it more than 50 times. If we had an NG Award, I would have easily won it,” Jaejoong revealed. “NG” stands for “No Good,” and whenever a mistake happens on set, it’s called an “NG” shot.

Local media also revealed a couple shots taken at the radio studio. Jaejoong and Ji Sung wore matching black outfits, with the show’s host Choi Kang Hee appearing in casual style. Ji Sung, the lead actor of “Protect the Boss,” also appeared on the radio show alongside Jaejoong.

Check out the famous kissing scene between Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hye below!