Lee Hyori Holds a Benefit Auction for a Good Cause

Lee Hyori is holding another auction and she revealed that the profits will all be donated to an animal protection organization called “Kara” (Korea Animal Rights Advocates).

On December 22, the sexy diva tweeted, “This is an online bazaar and it can be accessed by both national and international fans! This is an auction of our collections and all profits will be donated to the animal protection organization ‘Kara.’ Please come and take a look.”

In November and December, the generous singer also donated approximately $50,000 USD to the Korea Association of the Elderly and also held a campaign for an adoption agency for dogs. A part of this campaign consisted of the selling of calendars and all the profits were donated to this adoption agency. Not only did she donate money, she also showed effort by doing much volunteering work for the agency.

Touched netizens praised her by commenting, “She is not just beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. It is good to see her busy with such good work”  “I will also participate in the auction! I hope it will be for a good cause…” “I think unni is a very warm-hearted person. I also want to succeed and put my efforts into good work.”

The first part of these online auctions “Auction” and “Lee Hyori’s Collection Auction” have started from December 21 and will continue until December 27. The second part will start on December 28 and will continue for a week.