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Infinity Challenge – Infinity Express Deliveries ★

A delivery has arrived from “Infinity Challenge.” The members engage in a delivery battle to get the chance to donate 10 thousand calendars. It’s their chance to give someone a surprise present and feel good about donating. The battle gradually gets more and more heated. Who will be the victor of this war?

#The deliveries continue on!

The son of the Cheongnam Region, the lucky guy Hong Chul, however the gods have turned their back on him? Hong Chul has come to his home town but why does he have a dark look on his face? Deliveryman Jung is completely immersed in the sights and sounds of Busan. Is a romance blossoming between Ha & Soo in Haeundae? Also the final episode of the popular skit “Couple/Slap.” Jun Ha also encounters the real “Couple” team. Jun Ha’s all-location Busan trip will be revealed on this episode.

He makes sure he keeps the promises he’s made with is customers. Gentleman Jae Suk keeps his promise right up to just before the time limit. The men’s heart-warming surprise calendar delivery continues on till late at night

It’s finally the time to reveal the results. If I was to come first, then I will give the whole staff a set of winter clothes and a free holiday vacation?! A series of wild and expensive pledges are thrown about. Who will be the lucky guy that gets to uphold his pledge and get the chance to personally donate the 10 thousand presents? The member that has come first in the calendar delivery is?  

Infinity Challenge “I’m a singer in my own right” first episode

It’s already been a year since their “2010 Remove All Grudges” special. “Infinity Challenge” will once again be ending the year with a fantastic concert. Since we’ve had three song festivals, we are also singers in our own right. “Infinity Challenge” end of year special “I’m a singer in my own right,” the curtains will soon be drawn on these elaborate performances.

#The heart-pounding session to pick the song for each of their performances.

There was over 11 thousand people that applied to be a part of the audience that judges their performances. The “Infinity Challenge” end of year special “I’m a singer in my own right” was a special of great interest even before it has begun. The men are given a mission for their performances and have to sing another member’s song. The mood is heated right from the outset. Ha & Soo engage in a battle to reveal as much as possible about each other’s private lives. And the embarrassing story about Myung Soo, who was a permanent member of “I’m a Singer.”  Everyone is nervous about which song they will end up singing as the wheel of fortune is spun. What will their songs be?

# Song arrangement and performance directions, they are really busy.  

They call in everyone they can think of. So that they can organize a great performance that transcends the heights of the original song, the nation’s most talented composers, arrangers and singers have gathered. The passionate arrangement battle slowly begins.

  • Hong Chul’s song is extremely lovely and full of emotions. Hong Chul goes to meet the original song writer to get some advice. The nation’s most representative emotional musician, who are they?
  • The nose singer, Jun Ha gets a solid helper. They are the best hit song producer, creating hit song after hit song. However there is no hope for this song. Jun Ha bumps into a major obstacle right from the start, how will he progress from here?
  • Haha goes to meet a world renowned figure to begin his song arrangement in earnest. He has picked a lyrical song but there is a reason why he picked such a song, is it perhaps because he wants to change or evolve?
  • Pro-musician Gil is completely immersed in the charms of Samba. No need to discuss this, you do the rapping and you do the scat singing. He goes around trying to get others to feature in his song without any notice.
  • He uses every last bit of his personal connections. Myung Soo gets the greatest arranger to arrange his song. Myung Soo’s performance definitely doesn’t look like it will be easy.
  • Even the leader can’t avoid the burdens of a contest performance. He is full of confidence and makes a lot of bold claims, who is Jae Suk’s arranger? His arrangement and stage direction is on a completely different scale.
  • An amazing cast of princesses and warriors, Hyung Don ambitiously dreams of a completely unique performance.

7 different men and 7 unique performances, the Infinity Challenge members are planning a wide variety of performances, what will their preparations be like?

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