LED Apple’s Photoshoot- Too Tall For Their Own Good?

Six man rookie-group LED Apple is drawing attention from a recent photo shoot of theirs. On December 23, an online community released several pictures under the title “LED Apple Goes Through the Roof”, which showed the six members’ most noticeable trait: their height.

With a group average of 180cm, LED Apple is being quickly known for their distinguishing height features and their model-like body ratio is an added bonus. Netizens and fans alike got to see this for themselves through the featured photos where LED Apple not only flaunted their sky-high height but their aesthetic traits as well, making their casual apparel shine with masculinity and stylishness.

This combination has indeed garnered much attention from people, with netizens posting on the board comments like “They’re complete models”, “It’s like a group meeting of gods”, and “Hope their heads don’t go through the roof.”

Meanwhile, LED Apple continues their music popularity with their single “Someone Met By Chance” which itself has been the center of attention due to each members’ unique talents added to the song. For example, Kyu Min and Han Byul are noted for their solid vocals and strong rapping skills while Kwang Yeon (bass) , Young Joon (guitar) , Hyo Suk (drum), and Kun Woo (disc jockey, guitar), are critical in giving the band a unique sound by using digital instruments, such as the touch-pad guitar.