Song Joong Ki and Jang Hyuk Reveal Their Close Friendship

On December 22, the cute actor Song Joong Ki revealed a text message conversation between him and his fellow charming actor Jang Hyuk, showing all fans their good and warm friendship.

After the airing of the last episode of the popular SBS historical drama “Deep Rooted Tree,” Song Joong Ki texted the following to his senior, “Hyung-nim (Brother), I really enjoyed watching the last episode, it was the best.” On which Jang Hyuk kindly replied, “It is all thanks to your great efforts in the beginning ^^, let us meet up soon.”

Song Joong Ki played the role of King Sejong in the beginning of the series and managed to give a magnificent performance. This is probably where his senior Jang Hyuk was referring to in his text message. According to their agency (SIDUS HQ), the two actors have a very close friendship.

The last episode of the series was a huge success with a rating of 25.4%, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research. If you have not seen the series yet, make sure you do!