[Update] "Wonder Girls at the Apollo" to Air on Teen Nick This February

The Wonder Girls has been at their American promotions for a while now, and things finally looked like they were picking up when it was revealed that the girls were cast for a new Teen Nick TV movie titled “Wonder Girls at the Apollo.” 

While the girls hoped to focus on their Asian promotions for the majority of the beginning of the New Year, it seems plans have been curbed short thanks to news that their TV movie has been confirmed to begin airing on Teen Nick this February!

When they made their comeback with “Wonder World” in November, JYP Entertainment promised that the girls would be in Korea through the end of the year before focusing on their Chinese promotions starting January. News of the most recent developments on their TV show has applied an abrupt brake to their plans, and the girls will be leaving for America earlier than planned.

Starting mid-January, the Wonder Girls will be wrapping up what’s left of their album production with composers Dave Stuart and the like (the album is also said to be just about done) and prepare for their movie’s airing. 

Their new album release will be coinciding with the broadcast of their movie to achieve a double whammy effect while their name is still hot.