SNSD Chooses Seo Hyun as the Member Who Changed the Most Since Debut

On Christmas Eve, SNSD prepared a special Christmas event for their fans with “SNSD’s Christmas Fairy Tale” on MBC. The girls sang various Christmas carols, as well as their hits. During the show, SNSD also delighted fans with special performances from their international concerts and also invited guest singers like Sung Shi Kyung and SHINee’s Onew to sing with them.  

During the show, MCs Oh Sang Jin and Alex of Clazziquai sat down with the girls to talk about their growth. Oh San Jin asked the girls which SNSD member changed the most since their debut. Hyoyeon answered, “I think we can all say it together. We’ll probably have the same answer.” All the girls pointed to Seo Hyun, who appeared slightly surprised.

Sooyoung answered, “Seo Hyun’s bangs grew a lot. She’s also shown a lot of change since she crossed over to her twenties from her teens.” Hyoyeon added, “Before, Seo Hyun would cry and refuse to be part of our pranks, but now she’s very nonchalant about it.” After listening to what the other members had to say, Seo Hyun replied, “After living with them for four years, I’ve gotten used to it.” The maknae was also unanimously named the member who focused most on her appearance. 

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