Who Did Rain Spend His Christmas With?

Although he’s serving in the army, Rain was able to spend Christmas Eve with some of his closest acquaintances. It was reported earlier today by local media Sports Seoul that Rain was given about five hours on December 24 to spend some free time with his visitors that included Lee Mi Kyung, the CEO of CJ E&M, Kim Dong Won, the director of upcoming movie “Soar into the Sun,” and fellow actors Jung Suk Won and Kim Sung Soo.

Despite the poor road conditions due to the heavy snow fall from the previous day, the group of visitors made their way to the Yeon Chun military camp where Rain is currently stationed at. Because of the sudden passing of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, the alert level was higher than normal, and most vacations and visits were very limited. Rain, likewise, was not granted any vacation days, but partly because of his outstanding training results, he was given special permission to greet his special guests.

CEO Lee Mi Kyung, in particular, brought special food catering service for the soldiers. She’s widely known for being a mother-figure to Rain as he’s also mentioned in his “VIP Thanks” album, “I love you CEO Lee Mi Kyung for always taking care of me and supporting me like your son.” Lee Mi Kyung, the granddaughter of Samsung Group’s founder Lee Byung Chul, has been a central figure in Korea’s entertainment business. She’s very close with other actors such as Lee Byung Hun and Jung Woo Sung, as well as some of the YG artists, and is known to have played a key role in arranging Rain’s Hollywood debut.

The upcoming movie, “Soar into the Sun,” is a story about the Korean Air Force, starring Rain, Jung Suk Won, Kim Sung Soo, and Shin Se Kyung. It is scheduled to premiere in the fourth week of January.