Lee Hyori to Go Topless?!

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” Lee Hyori surprised viewers by proposing that she will go topless!…If, that is, she sells more than 200,000 calendars.

Earlier this month, Hyori released the “Lee Hyori 2012 Calendar,” featuring herself with her beloved pooch Soonshim. The sexy diva is well known for her countless efforts in helping out abandoned animals, and this calendar was produced as a part of a campaign to help abandoned dogs.

During the interview, she introduced the viewers to the campaign and stated, “We were planning on selling approximately 100K. However, I don’t think we’ll even reach 10K as of now.” Then she joked, “If we sell 200K dramas, should I go topless like Jae Dong oppa?” Lee Hyori added, “Management companies with idols already made a lot of money. Please buy our abandoned dog calendar instead of idol calendars.” All proceeds from the calendar sales will be donated to animal shelters that house homeless dogs.

A couple months ago, entertainer Kim Jae Dong tweeted, “If voting turnout [for the Mayor of Seoul] exceeds 50%, I will go topless in front of Samo rocks on Mt. Samgak.” Voting turnout reached 48.6%, a little short of Kim Jae Dong’s proposed number. However, Kim Jae Dong kept his promise halfway, going half-topless and uploading a photo of his experience on Twitter.