[Highlights] Episode 4 of Survival Audition K-Pop Star

[Highlights] Survival Audition K-Pop Star Episode 4

Before I go into the recap I have to say that I am currently crazy about this show. The contestants are a lot better than those from other shows and it is so much fun watching YG and JYP talk about what they look at, argue, and basically judge the contestants. (It kind of shows you the brainwork behind groups like 2PM or Big Bang.) BoA adds a very skilled female judge to the mix. (Currently the Korean public considers her as the best female judge of any audition program so far.)

This episode of SBS “Survival Audition K-Pop Star” showed the contestants and their 1:1 auditions with the judges: YG, JYP, and BoA.

YG had PSY and Se7en to accompany him while JYP had Kim Tae Woo. BoA had Super Junior’s Donghae and Kangta.

Now the auditions weren’t really auditions because it was more of a checkup, where the judge and some people from the agencies would give tips to a contestant.

Kim Na Yoon was a strong contender from the U.S. and she ended up crying during her 1:1 audition, because she was upset about not having performed well enough.

She sang pretty well for her 1st round auditions:




The show only briefly showed the 1:1 audition/checkups but the funniest one of all was YG.

Se7en joked that he would focus on looks because YG does not look at looks enough. PSY joked that he came in because of his good looks.

After the 1:1 audition/checkups they moved on to the ranking auditions. The first group was the guitarists.

Kim Woo Sung started off and he is currently a personal favorite. (The kid sounds like a Korean Sting! He has a wispy/raspy voice that sounds like somebody who has taken too much whisky, but it is awesome!)



Park Jae Hyung won 1st place with his rendition of “We All Try.”


The next group featured the best female singers Michelle Lee and Park Jimin.

Michelle Lee improved significantly, she sang very well this week!



Park Jimin improved a lot and blew my mind away!


So far, it seems like the CEOs of the big three entertainment agencies think that these two will be the top contendors. What do you think?

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