"Me Too, Flower" OST Featuring BEAST and miss A Suzy Released

MBC released the OST for the drama “Me Too, Flower” which contains BEAST song “Dreaming” and miss A member Suzy‘s “So Many Tears,” which will be sold online and in various record shops.

Together with BEAST and Suzy’s songs, the OST album contains also Alex‘s “One Day Without You,” but the album was released with the participation of different artists, such as underground singer like Taru, hip hop group A-Team and high school singer Seo Yeon.

Various songs from the OST reached the number one spot in online charts but the drama’s viewers showed their support with the offline sales as well.

The album obtained a good response in Japan too, since Oshima Mai, leader of the Japanese girl group AKB48 participated in the album with the song “You” and another Japanese girl group Sherry sang “Oh My Boy.”

“Me Too, Flower” is set to be aired on Japanese TV during the first part of next year. For the drama premiere, all the singers who worked on the OST will gather together for a concert, scheduled for the first months of 2012.

The OST album was produced and directed by music director Park Ho Joon, who worked on OST for dramas such as “The Island” and movies such as “Over The Rainbow.