Choi Siwon to Get a New Dubbed Voice for "Skip Beat"

GTV has just announced that the original dubbed voice used for Choi Siwon‘s character Dun He Lian (Ren Tsuruga) in the current drama airing in Taiwan, “Skip Beat,” is going to change due to several complains from Super Junior‘s fans.

Since the drama started airing two weeks ago, fans started complaining and criticizing Siwon’s dubbed voice due to the difference with the character’s strong and mature personality. Fans stated that the original voice actor, Kun Da, has a really soft voice and it is not suitable for Siwon’s character. Due to this issue, fights between both fandoms, Super Junior and Kun Da’s, started arising online.

Following that, GTV thanked Kun Da for his hard work and decided to use a professional voice actor instead. Hopefully fans will be able to accept the new voice that will be used for Siwon in the upcoming episodes.

What do you think about this issue? Are the fans right, or are they just overreacting? Let us know what you think below!