SNSD’s Beautiful Slender Legs Need Custom Made Boots

As Korea’s top girl group, anything SNSD does or wears makes headlines and sells out like wildfire. As such, SNSD’s latest walking/dancing accessories that accentuate their beautiful, slender legs are garnering a lot of attention. Currently, the girls are busy promoting “Mr. Taxi” as their follow-up track to “The Boys” in Korea. During their performances, the girls don long white boots, along with short shorts, as part of their stage outfits. 

Apparently, these boots have been custom made for SNSD and are narrower than normal boots. According to a representative of Perche, the brand that designed SNSD’s boots, “We received SNSD’s measurements and custom-made the boots. The boots are 5cm (approximately 2 inches) narrower in the calves and 5cm longer.” He added, “It’s nearly impossible for someone with a normal figure to fit in these boots.”

Netizens commented, “Wow…their legs….it’s as thick as a normal person’s arms,” “they really do have superior genes~~~” “It’s making me want to attempt their dieting program” and “Sometimes I feel so bad for them because they’re so skinny.”