[Recap] MBC 2011 Entertainment Awards

Welcome back to round 2 of our live coverage of the Entertainment Awards for 2011. The next award ceremony after the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards is the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards, home to popular variety shows such as “High Kick, The Short Legs Strike Back,” “Come to Play,” “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” “Birth of a Great Star 2,” “We Got Married,” “Infinity Challenge,” “World Changing Quiz” and “I Am A Singer.”

The MC for this year’s ceremony is Yoon Jong Shin from “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” and Park Ha Sun from “High Kick, The Short Legs Strike Back.”

MBC does not announce the nominees for their “Grand Award” in advance but the latest news story in that regard is that MBC plans to award their “Grand Award” for both their Entertainment Awards and their Acting Awards to whole programs rather than one specific person. That means that this year, MBC will be awarding their 2nd only “Grand Award” to a whole program. They first did this in 2007, when they awarded the “Grand Award” to the “Infinity Challenge” team.

Enough history lessons, so who do we think will be in the running for the “Grand Award” this year? Well the mere fact that we are only considering whole programs means that the we can narrow down the list of potential nominees.

The two most likely contestants for the “Grand Award”

For 2011, it seems like it’s going to be a tooth and nail battle between “Infinity Challenge” and “Sunday Sunday Night – I Am A Singer,” with “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” being a distant 3rd choice. “Infinity Challenge” has been pretty much unchallenged on Saturdays for the vast majority of 2011, getting rave reviews and ratings for most of the year. It was easily MBC’s best program this year in terms of keeping a high average viewers ratings. Frankly if this was any other year, it would be pretty much a non-contest and “Infinity Challenge” would have walked away with probably one of the most predictable “Grand Award.”

However this is 2011 and “I Am A Singer” was probably one of the biggest revolutions in variety shows in recent years and was extremely popular for the first half of this year. It’s lost a lot of it’s ratings and viewer interests in the 2nd half of the year but it’s impossible to ignore the impact this show has had for MBC and if there is any program that can beat “Infinity Challenge” to the “Grand Award” this year, then it will be “I Am A Singer.”

Now something that might interest Soompi readers a bit more.

The “Best Couple Award” nominees 

The nominees are from left to right, top to bottom, Kim Won Joon – Park So Hyun (We Got Married), Lee Jang Woo – Ham Eun Jung (We Got Married), Lee Teuk – Kang Sora (We Got Married), Seo Ji Suk – Park Ha Sun (High Kick), Yoon Gae Sang – Baek Jin Hee (High Kick), Kim Tae Hyun – Lena Park (I Am A Singer), Park Myung Soo – Jung Jun Ha (Infinity Challenge) and Jung Hyung Don – Jung Jae Hyung (Infinity Challenge).

In previous years this award has been won predominately by the “We Got Married” couples, but the absences of Nickhun – Victoria from the nominees list might mean that we get some winners from a few different programs. So if the winners aren’t all going to be from “We Got Married”, then who else do i think would win the award. If you look on the bottom, there is two male-male couples. Now don’t write them off because they were probably the most talked about couples from any MBC variety show. Park Myung Soo – Jung Jun Ha have been doing extremely well on “Infinity Challenge” and have been consistently paired up for numerous episodes this year. The same also applies for Jung Jae Hyung – Jung Hyung Don, who showed off great chemistry during the “West Coast Expressway Song Festival” special during “Infinity Challenge.” So the way i see it, it’s going to be a voting war between the “Super Junior” fans and the “Infinity Challenge” fans, and i can assure you, both have pretty big and fanatical fanbases in Korea.

If you do have a MBC login, then you too can vote for your best couple at their website.

Here is our recap of the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards as it happened.

Update 1:

Same thing as the KBS Entertainment Awards, we will post a slideshow with all the pictures here and just show the more interesteding photos here.

Update 2:

Some of the pictures from the Pre-Event Photo Shoot.

The Infinity Challenge Team and Model Jang Yoon Joo

Ham Eung Jung and Lee Jang Woo

Update 3:
Kim Bum Soo
giving his opening performance for the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Update 6: 

The first awards will be the “Rookie Awards” given out by Yoo Jae Suk and Jang Yoon Joo.
They start off by making a mistake and going to the wrong microphones. Yoo Jae Suk brushes it off and just says it’s one of the things about live broadcasts.

Yoo Jae Suk and Jang Yoon Joo start discussing fashion and demonstrate you can be fashionable even by using the microphone, Yoo Jae Suk asks if this is really fashionable and say it’s quite easy. They then finish off by doing 3 fashionable poses.

The nominees for the Show Variety Rookie Award (Female) are Kang Sora (We Got Married), Goo Eun Young (TV Entertainment), Jessica Gomez (Dancing with the Stars), Ham Eun Jung (We Got Married)

And the winner of the Show Variety Rookie Award (Female) is Ham Eun Jung (We Got Married).


Eung Jung’s acceptance speech “I don’t know if i can recieve this, i was just acting normally like i used to do, i think the WGM staff just made sure i came out well on television, i will continue to work hard.”

The next award is the Show Variety Rookie Award (Male).

The nominees are Kim Hee Chul (Radio Star), Lee Jang Woo (We Got Married), Lee Teuk (We Got Married), Jung Jae Hyung (Infinity Challenge).

The winner of the Show Variety Rookie Award (Male) is Kim Hee Chul, unfortunately he is in the army so they play a pre-recorded video.


He thanks his sister, MBC and the “Radio Star” staff and members. He says that will return in a few years time with his wit intact and then ends by congratulation the “Star of the Universe” Kim Hee Chul.

Update 7:

The next award is the Comedy/Sitcom Rookie Award, given out by Kim Tae Won and Lee Tae Kwon. 

The nominees for the Comedy/Sitcom Rookie Award(Female) is Kim Ji Won (High Kick), Lizzy (All My Love), Baek Jin hee (High Kick), Yoon Seung Ah (All My Love), Jung Myung Oak (Laugh and Laugh). Kinda funny to see how Lizzy’s footage is pretty much all just “Aing~”

The winner of the Comedy/Sitcom Rookie Award(Female) is Jung Myung Oak. For people that don’t know, she played the role of Bang Jung Hyun (A parody character of Park Jung Hyun) in a comedy corner called “I’m also a Singer.”


She thanks god for the award and thanks MBC for giving her a chance. She thanks her family and then thanks Park Jung Hyun and Insooni (The people she parodied). She then finishes off by doing her parody of Park Jung Hyun.

The nominees for the Comedy/Sitcom Rookie Award(Male) Ko Young Ouk (High Kick), Kim To Young(Laugh and Laugh), Yoo Sang Yub(Laugh and Laugh), Lee Jong Suk (High Kick), Jin Ee Han (All My Love).

The Winner of the Comedy/Sitcom Rookie Award(Male) is Ko Young Ouk (High Kick).


He mentions that it’s his first award in 15 years since his Roora days. He thanks his mother, who is at home with his many dogs. He thanks Kim Yong Hee PD and Kim Byung Oak PD for giving a chance. He thanks the staff team for “We Got Married” “I Am A Singer” “High Kick” and “World Changing Quiz.” He mentions how he used to be a couple with Park Ha Sun on “High Kick” but how the Couple Award is for Park Ha Sun and Seo Ji Suk. He tells them that they are a bad sight. MC Joon Jong Shin asks Park Ha Sun if she wants to date Ko Yong Oak for real, she replies by saying “Excuse me?”

Update 8:

The Grand Award this year will be given to a program, they introduce the first 2 nominees. “Birth of a Great Star 2” and “I am a Singer.”

Update 9:


The next award is the Special Award and is given out by Park Myung Soo and Kim Bum Soo. They start by saying that Park Myung Soo is the one that made Kim Bum Soo popular by being a good manager. They then fight for a really short moment before ending by saying that this all they prepared.

The winner of the Special Award is all the mentors of “Birth of a Great Star 2


Yoon Ill Sang reads off a list of staff names to thank and thanks all the mentors.

The next award is the Special Award (Singers), won by Super Junior.


Lee Teuk and Kyu Hyun takes the award for them, mentions how all the members wished they could be here but due to schedule issues this couldn’t happen. They finish off with their catchphrase “We are Super Junior.”

The Special Award (MC) is won by the Radio Star Team (Kim Kook Jin, Kim Gura, Yoon Jong Shin, Kyu Hyun, Yoo Sae Yoon) and the Music Core team (Yuri and Tiffany).


It’s a bit chaotic with the amount of people on stage, both teams are saying that the other team should go first. In the end Kim Kook Jin from Radio Star says their acceptance speech first.

He thanks the Radio Star team, mentions how it feels good to win the award together as a team.


Yoo Sae Yoon comes on next and just introduces Yuri and Tiffany.


They thank the Music Core staff and congratulate them. They wrote out all the names of the staff on the way here and is reading off the list of names. They then say that will continue to work hard and thank the fans.

Kim Bum Soo mentions how Park Myung Soo looks like he was expecting an award, he then mentions that since Radio Star won the award as a team, it looks like Infinity Challenge won’t get anything. 

The Special Award (Programs) is won by K Pop Concert and Koica.

Jang PD accepts the award for K Pop Concert and thanks the staff of Music Bank. He also thanks his wife, even though he has been away overseas a lot of times this year. 


DBSK also gives an acceptance speech. They mention how this is an award that was won by all their colleagues and they say that will continue to work hard.


Park Jung Ah gives the acceptance speech of Koica (A program about volunteer services). She thanks the staff and the other celebrity volunteer squad in the program.

Bang Seung Keun PD mentions how Park Jung Ah volunteered in the program and mentions how 400 staff members particpated in the program and thanks them. 

The Friendship Award is won by “World Changing Quiz’s Son Woo Ung Neu, Kim Shin Yong, Jo Hye Ryun, Kim Shin Yong, Lee Kyung Shil.


Son Woo Ung Neu and Lee Kyung Shil give their acceptance speech and mentions how they have won the award twice and they can stop giving the award to them now in a joking manner.


Kim Shin Yong then finishes up by thanking them for the award, says that she will wear a revealing dress next year and then says “I love you Polar Bear.”

Update 10:

This is the 50th Anniversary of MBC, a pre-recorded video of Jo Kwon comes up again and they go through the history of variety shows of MBC.

They go through each of the variety trends by decades. Starting with the 70’s and moving up from there. A lot of old programs being mentioned, programs like “Theme Game,” “Infinity Challenge,” “Best Couple,”  “Love House” etc.


Jo Kwon finishes off by listing the people that was most remembered during the history of MBC. Lee Kyung Kyu is ranked the most remembered person in terms of variety shows.

Update 11:


The next award is the “PD Award” given out by Kim Yong Hee PD and the parody character for Lee Sora, Lee Soda. 

Kim Yong Hee mentions how all the PDs know how hard the entertainers work and thanks them for their work.

The winner of the “PD Award,” the award given by PDs, is Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Won Hee.


Yoon Jong Shin gives his acceptance speech, he mentions how his music work was always done by himself but on variety shows, he works together with a team and says his music has gotten better due to his work on variety shows. He thinks that his life would have been worse off had he not been in variety shows. He thanks Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk for helping him with variety shows when he first started.

Update 12:


The next award is the “Distinguished Services Award‘ given out by Lee Kyung Shil. She mentions how the award winner is a good friend of hers and then they play the tape that shows the winner.

The winner is the “Cestebon Friends,” a team of veteran singers comprised of Jo Yong Nam, Song Chang Shik, Kim Sae Hwan and Yoon Hyung Joo.


Yoon Hyung Joo accepts the award on their behalf and thanks the acoustic guitar fans and his staff members. 

Update 13:

The next section is a video playing the nominees for the “Program of the Year” award, starting with “Golden Fishery – Radio Star.

The video describes the charms of the program and their main point is the brutal honest of the program.

The next program is “World Changing Quiz” and mentions how it has been running for 3 years thanks to it’s cast of older ladies. They describe how they are unfazed by anything. The PD describes them as the engine of the program.

Update 14:


The World Changing Quiz team and Kim Na Young present a dance parade, starting with the scene from the movie “Sunny,” then they each come out individually and do a short solo performance.


Yoon Jong Shin mentions how this is the first time he’s seen Ko Yong Ouk in the center of something.

Update 15:

The final award for the 1st part of the 2011 MBC Entertainment Award, it’s the “Radio Award” given out by Noh Hong Chul and Jessica Gomez.


Noh Hong Chul asks if she knows who he is, she replies that she does and describes him as the “Handsome Guy from Infinity Challenge.”

Noh Hong Chul keeps trying to talk in Korean then suddenly reverts to English to accomodate Jessica Gomez.

The winner of the “Radio Award‘ is Good Morning FM Lee Jin Announcer (Not the same Lee Jin from FINKL).


She thanks all her MBC Seniors. She thanks her early morning listeners and her family. She says she will continue to work hard.


The next award is the Radio Excellence Award, with Noh Hong Chul consistently mentioning to Jessica Gomez, “I like you~” and asking for an American style hug.

The Radio Excellence Award is won by Jung Yeob and Yoonha.


Jung Yeob gives his acceptance speech first, thanking his listeners. 

Yoonha is next to give her acceptance speech. she thanks her listeners and fans. She also thanks her staff. She finishes off by saying she will continue to work hard till she can sing again.


Noh Hong Chul then asks Jessica Gomez for her phone number and she accepts. Noh Hong Chul is surprised and says he just mentioned it in case it just happened to work. He makes sure to get a promise from her.

The Radio High Excellence Award is won by “Female Generation’s” Yang Hee Eun and Kang Suk Woo. 


Kang Suk Woo recieves the award for their sake as Yang Hee Eun could not attend due to a concert. He thanks their staff and listeners. He also thanks his family. He also thanks everyone for Yang Hee Eun’s sake. 

Update 16:


That ends part 1, Park Ha Sun applogises for making a lot of mistakes due to nervousness. Yoon Jong Shin mentions how the best way to calm the nerves is to do a little dance. She instead does her Cat impersonation but ends up doing the “Roly Poly” dance anyway.

Update 17:


Part 2 of the Entertainment Awards have now begun, starting off with a performance from “I’m also a Singer,” a parody group from the comedy program “Laugh and Laugh.” Unfortunately they run into a bit of issues with non-working microphones. 

YB Band then continues the performance of “Spin, Spin.”

Update 18:

“I Am A Singer’s” Scriptwriter Yeo Hyun Jun wins the Scriptwriter of the Year award


She mentions how Kim Yong Hee PD told her that the show will sweep the awards after their first recording, she mentions how this has come true. She then thanks the staff, family and colleagues.  

Update 19:

The next nominees for the “Program of the Year” award is “High Kick, The Short Legs Strike Back” and “Infinity Challenge.” 

TEO PD mentions how the program just shows their usual side to themselves and how he wants to constantly change.

Note that the “Program of the Year” award is this year’s “Grand Award” for the MBC Entertainment Awards.

Update 20:

Yoon Jong Shin apologises for the microphone issue earlier. 


The next award is the “Best Couple Award” voted by netizens, given out by Yoo Sae Yoon and Jo Kwon.

Lee Teuk – Sora is 3rd with 6033 votes 

Jung Hyung Don – Jung Jae Hyung is 2nd with 14230 votes

and finally….

Park Myung Soo – Jung Jun Ha is 1st with 19064 votes.


Park Myung Soo mentions how he told his family to sleep early since he thought he wasn’t going to get any awards and says this is the best award.

Park Myung Soo then tells Jung Jun Ha to hurry up so they can do their dance.

Jung Jun Ha then thanks everyone and then says he will return next year as a real couple/married.

Park Myung Soo then finishes off by telling her wife that he will treat her better next year.


Park Myung Soo then asks for a song so they can do their “Playing with Fire” dance.

Update 21:

The next video is a list of raising stars for 2011, starting off with Kim Bum Soo. They mention how he had to hide his face with sunglasses when he first debuted but is now successful.

The next star is Jung Hyung Don, who started off as the guy that could do everyone but be funny and then his rise in prominence as the trendsetter in variety shows for 2011. 

The next star is Yim Jae Bum. he previously did not appear a lot on television, but his appearence on “I am a Singer” caused the ratings to soar and in just 3 performances, entralled the country with his performances.

The next star is Kim Tae Won. he was the mentor for “Birth of a Great Star,” and was well known for his words of wisdom.

The final raising star is Parisen Jung Jae Hyung. After his first appearence on “Come to Play,” he has gone to appear in several variety shows and sitcoms. His unique laughter has been one of his key characters.

Update 22:

The next award is the “Popularity Award” given out by Seo Ji Suk and Announcer Lee Jin.

The first award is the Show Variety – Popularity Award, and is won by Jung Jae Hyung and Jessica Gomez.


Jessica Gomez is the first to give her acceptance speech, thanking MBC, Dancing with the Stars, her family and her Korean fans.

Yoon Joon Shin mentions how he was going to translate it but he can’t.


Jung Jae Hyun is next and says he wasn’t really sure at first if he should appear on “Infinity Challenge.” His biggest reason for appearing was so that it could be a re-awakening for him and is thankful for all the love he has gotten so far. He thanks the Infinity Challenge members and staff. He also thanks his family and says he will be serious when working on music and have fun while working on variety shows.

The next award is the Comedy – Sitcom Popularity Award, and the winners are Ahn Nae Sang, Baek Jin Hee, Jo Kwon and Jung Sung Ho.


Ahn Nae Sang is the first to give his acceptance speech, he thanks everyone for giving him the award, even though it doesn’t suit him. He says the award is 


Jo Kwon is next and says he hasn’t much chance in 2011 to act like a clown and says he will interept the award as MBC wanting him to act more clown-like in 2012.


Jung Sung Ho thanks Yim Jae Bum and the staff for helping him with ideas. He also thanks his wife for words of encouragement.


Baek Jin Hee finishes off by saying how hard the High Kick Team works, and hopes that end the sitcom well.

The next award is Singers – Popularity Award and the winners are Kim Bum Soo and Park Jung Hyun


Park Jung Hyun is first to give her speech, she mentions how she didn’t hear her name at first because she was cheering for Kim Bum Soo. She mentions how 2011 was a special and unforgetable year. She is very thankful for the chance to sing in front of a lot of people through “I’m a Singer.” She thanks everyone for having interest in music and says she will continue to work hard.


Kim Bum Soo is next and is glad to have finally made his face public, that alone is what stood out for him in 2011. He thanks his parents and his management team. He was also thanks the PDs for “I’m A Singer” and the staff members, along with the other singers and managers. 

Update 23:

The next award is the Comedy/Sitcom Excellence Award. Yoon Jong Shin mentions if Park Ha Sun is feeling a bit worried because everyone else in her team has won an award. She says it’s fine but Yoon Jong Shin finishes off by saying that we’ll eventually see if she really is alright with it.

The award will be given out by Kim Kab Soo and Kim Na Young. Kim Na Young mentions how Kim Kab Soo looks a lot younger and asks if he has any methods for keeping his youth. He mentions how on the script it says it’s because he watches MBC variety shows, which he says is true.

The Comedy/Sitcom Excellence Award (Female) Nominees are Gain (All My Love), Park Ha Sun (High Kick), Sung Eun Jae (Laugh and Laugh), Jung Soo Jung/Krystal (High Kick).

The winner of the Comedy/Sitcom Excellence Award (Female) is Park Ha Sun (High Kick).


She is a bit teary eyed. She starts off by saying Happy Birthday to her father and thanking her staff members. She also wishes the time when they can work a bit more comfortable will arrive soon. She can’t remember everyone she has to thank and says she will thank everyone later personally.  

The next award is Comedy/Sitcom Excellence Award (Male) and the nominees are Seo Ji Suk (High Kick), Oh Jung Tae (Laugh And Laugh), Yoon Gae Sang (High Kick), Yoon Doo Joon (All My Love), Jo Kwon (All My Love)

The winner of the Comedy/Sitcom Excellence Award (Male) is Yoon Gae Sang (High Kick).

He first mentions that he got the award because he was the best, but then mentions that it was joke. He believes that the award has been given to him thanks to the hard working staff and the viewers, and says he will continue to work hard.

Update 24:

The next award is the Show Variety Excellence Award, given out by the Fashionista Jung Hyung Don and Funny Laugh Jung Jae Hyung.


Jung Hyung Don mentions how it was because of him that Jung Jae Hyung was able to win the Popularity Award. They then mention how they must be the most boring award givers of the night. 

The nominees for the Show Variety Excellence Award (Female) is Kim Na Young (We Got Married, Come To Play), Kim Shin Young (World Changing Quiz, I Am A Singer), Kim Yoona (Birth of a Great Star, I am a Singer), Park So Hyun (We Got Married), Park Seul Gi (Section TV), Park Jung Hyun (Birth of a Great Star, I am a Singer).

The winner of the Show Variety Excellence Award (Female) is Park So Hyun (We Got Married).

She say it’s an honor to win the award amongst the list of formidable nominees and mentions how it’s her first award from MBC. She thanks the staff. She believes that it’s an award for both her and Kim Won Joon. 

The next award is the Show Variety Excellence Award (Male) and the nominees are Kim Bum Soo (I’m A Singer), Kim Won Joon (We Got Married),  Kim Tae Won (Birth of a Great Star), Noh Hong Chul (Infinity Challenge), Yoo Sae Yoon (Golden Fishery), Yoon Do Hyun (I am a Singer), Haha (Infinity Challenge).

The winner of the Show Variety Excellence Award (Male) is Kim Tae Won (Birth of a Great Star).


Kim Tae Won starts his acceptance speech by saying that amazing things keep happening to him. He believes that he been reborn thanks to Birth Of A Great Star, thanking the staff members and his family. He finishes off by specially thanking Kim Gura.

Update 25:

There is now just 2 award catergories left, the High Excellence Award and the Program of the Year Award. First off is the High Excellence Award given out by Yim Ha Ryoung and Park Hae Mi.

The first award is the Comedy/Sitcom High Excellence Award and the nominees are Kim Sae Ah (Laugh and Laugh), Park Mi Sun (All My Love), Yoon Yoo Sun (High Kick).

The winner of the Comedy/Sitcom High Excellence Award is Yoon Yoo Sun (High Kick)

She starts her speech by thanking the PD and her other sitcom members. She also thanks her husband, son, who didn’t go to camp to be here, and her daugher.

The nominees for the Comedy/Sitcom High Excellence Award (Male) are Kim Kab Soo (All My Love), Ahn Nae Sang (High Kick), Jung Sung Ho (Laugh And Laugh).

The winner of the Comedy/Sitcom High Excellence Award (Male) is Kim Kab Soo (All My Love).

He mentions how he always only went to Acting Awards but has got his first award at an Entertainment Award, mentioning how fun it is and how he should come to these more often. He mentions how all the staff members have worked very hard. He thanks his other sitcom members. He also thanks his wife, daughter and his pet dogs. Lastly he thanks the viewers who watched All My Love and wishes everyone a happy new year.

Update 26:

The next award is the Show Variety High Excellence Award. Park Ha Sun mentions how Yoon Jong Shin is one of the nominees. He mentions that if he gets the award then he will thankfully recieve it. The award will be given out by Son Woo Yong Neu and Jo Hyung Gi.

The nominees for the Show Variety High Excellence Award (Female) are Kim Won Hee (Come to Play), Kim Ji Sun (World Changing Quiz),  Park Mi Sun (World Changing Quiz, We Got Married), Lee Kyung Shil (World Changing Quiz), Lee Sora (I am a Singer).

The winner of the Show Variety High Excellence Award (Female)  is Park Mi Sun (World Changing Quiz, We Got Married).


She hasn’t even gotten to the stage yet and she is already in tears. She thanks God and the viewers, who are up late to watch this. She also thanks her family watching back at home. She says she is crying because she is sorry for getting the award. She says she is very lucky, mentions how she isn’t very funny and how the other “World Changing Quiz” members are the ones that were being funny. She then jokingly mentions how it was a bit tedious because it seemed like everyone was getting awards but she says it’s good because it’s like everyone gathering together to end the year. She says she will continue to work hard and wishes everyone a happy new year.

The next award is Show Variety High Excellence Award (Male) and the nominees are Kim Gura (World Changing Quiz, Radio Star), Park Myung Soo (Infinity Challenge, I am a Singer), Yoo Jae Suk (Infinity Challenge, Come to Play), Yoon Jong Shin (Radio Star, I am a Singer), Jung Jun Ha (Infinity Challenge), Jung Hyung Don (Infinity Challenge).

And the winner of the Show Variety High Excellence Award (Male) is Yoo Jae Suk! (Come to Play, Infinity Challenge).

He is saying that he wasn’t going to sorry, which he says for every award, but he ends up saying sorry again. He doesn’t know what to say but he thanks all the staff that work on his program. He also thanks his Infinity Challenge members and Come to Play members, mentioning how he has never fought with Kim Won Hee. He is very thankful and says he can’t express his thanks. He is always thankful for viewers supporting him. He says he will continue to work hard next year and hopes that he will be able to make the upper ranks in the Korean Broadcast Commission laugh as well.

Update 27:

The final award is the “Program of the Year Award.” Kim Na Young is at the tables interviewing the members for each of the nominee programs. She starts by interviewing the “I’m a Singer” members. They are sitting next to their parody members and decide to have a mini joint performance with the real singer and their parody counterpart.

Kim Na Young moves onto “Golden Fishery” and ask Kim Gura what he thinks Variety Shows are and asks him to answer within 3 secs, but he is unable to do so and she moves.

The next team is the “Birth of A Great Star” team and she asks Park Jung Hyun which program she likes best between “Birth of a great star” and “I’m a Singer.” She replies by saying “Both”

The next team is the “High Kick” team and ask them to say a catchphrase each.

The next team is “Infinity Challenge” and asks them to do the “Playing with Fire” dance again. Yoo Jae Suk then asks if that’s it and Kim Na Young replies yes and moves on.

The next team is “World Changing Quiz” and asks them if they want Jo Hyung Gi on the show forever or for Jo In Sung to appear once, the team picks Jo In Sung.

Update 28:

It’s finally time to award the “Program of the year Award” and it will be given out by MBC President Kim Jae Chul and Park Mi Sun. Kim Jae Chul says that the reason that MBC was loved this year was thank to all the staff that have worked hard over the year.


And the winner of the “Program of the year Award” is “I’m a Singer.”

The whole “I’m a Singer” team is out on stage to accept the award. Lee Byung Yeob PD is the one to give the acceptance speech. He deeply thanks the viewers and passes off to the singers. But before he does he thanks the Managers, who have to sacrafice themselves so that the singers are more pronounced. 

Yoon Jong Shin is next to say his speech and introduces some of the original members of “I’m A Singer”


Yoon Do Hyun is first and is sorry for getting the award over the other formidable variety shows. He thanks Kim Yong Hee PD and the other singers. He also personally thanks his YB Band members.

Park Jung Hyun is next and was thankful for getting the personal award and is even more moved to get an award as a team. She thanks Kim Yong Hee PD for having confidence in them. She also mentions how Lee Sora acted as a leader for their team. She also says she was able to learn a lot about music.

Yoon Jong Shin finishes off by mentioning all the people involved with the program over the year and saying that they all worked hard on the program. 

That is the end of our coverage of the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards, thank you for reading our coverage. We apologise for the lack of pictures during the initial coverage and hope that it was still worthwhile reading despite that.

We will be returning tomorrow to finish off with the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards, once again thank you everyone for reading our live coverage of the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards.

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