JYJ Gifts $300,000 Car to the President of Their Agency

Popular boy band JYJ gave a luxurious gift to the president of their agency to show their appreciation. On December 23, Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu gave a luxury car worth approximately $300,000 to President Baek Chang Joo of C-Jes Entertainment.  

A source stated, “As we were leaving our year-end party last week, we noticed a luxurious car parked outside. All three members of JYJ decided to pitched in for the car as a way to show their gratitude.”  

Apparently, the boys decided on the gift because President Baek was without a car for two years. It weighed upon their minds that he was working so hard for them, yet he didn’t have a car of his own.

The source continued, “JYJ and President Park have been like brothers for the two years they’ve been working together. Their world tour is going well, and we believe the gift was a Christmas/New Year’s present. It’s not about the expensive gift, but the thought behind it.”