IU Likes to Eat Bloody Raw Livers

It appears that IU has an interesting taste for food. On KBS2’s “Citizens Talk Show Hello,” she appeared and revealed that she wants to eat raw liver out in the open but she is advised against it by her entertainment agency due to her “National Little Sister” image.

The surprised emcee’s asked IU, “How many times do you eat raw liver in a year?” and IU replied, “I would want to go eat raw liver everyday but I only get to eat it about 2 or 3 times a month. I like the taste and smell of blood on raw livers. It also looks delicious.”

After IU tried some raw liver that was prepared by the production team of the show she stated, “That was delicious. When did you bring this? It seems very fresh.” IU was in fact right because the liver was not even a day old.

Netizens who have come across the news stated, “IU and raw livers….” “Even though IU eats raw livers she still looks pretty,” “Raw liver is good for your health.”