JYJ Against Over Consumption of Painkillers

JYJ joined in on a campaign against over consumption of painkillers. Jong Geun Dang (A painkiller company) stated on December 27 that they would have a three month “Properly Using Painkillers” campaign beginning in January 2012.

JYJ was chosen as the model for Jong Geun Dang’s most recognized product “Penzal Q.” Penzal Q showed their first advertisement for the campaign in a female magazine.

A representative of Penzal Q stated, “The reason we are doing this campaign is so that individuals can learn more about painkillers, and also know the set amount of taking painkillers according to your age. We are hoping that this simple measure will help protect teenagers’ health. We believe that JYJ is a well-known model that will add more awareness to the campaign.”