SNSD Voted "Singer of The Year" by Every Age Group

SNSD was voted singer of the year for the third consecutive time by every age group, according to the Korean Gallup poll.

The Korean Gallup poll asked a group of 3,401 people, male and female aged between 13 and 59, to pick three singers who stood out the most in 2011. Overall, 26.1% of the answers was SNSD. They topped individual age groups with 30% of teenagers, 29.2% of people in their 20s, 29.5% in 30s, 25.2% in 40s and finally 18.2% in 50s.

For other singers the poll showed different results according to age groups. Male idol groups such as Big Bang, BEAST and Infinite were voted considerably more by teenagers while people in their 30s and 40s voted singers from the MBC variety show “I Am A Singer“, like Kim Bum Soo, Lim Jae Bum and Park Jung Hyun.

While SNSD has been voted as the best singers since 2009, their latest single “The Boys” was ranked number three for the most popular song of this year. The first spot was held by IU‘s “Good Day.”

Also from the The Korean Gallup poll, the best rookies of the year were voted as Infinite and Dal Shabet.