Jaurim Might Become Honorary Graduates on Survival I Am a Singer

The episode of “Survival: I Am a Singer” that was filmed on December 26 gained a lot of attention because of the rock band Jaurim. If Jaurim survived this week again, they would join up with previous singers Park Jung Hyun and Kim Bum Soo as honorary graduates.

During the whole course of “Survival: I Am a Singer” the show has had 24 different singers but there were only two honorary graduates so far. It shows how difficult it is for singers to leave the show with an honorary status because of the skills of all of the contestants.

It is being said that Jaurim had a performance that they did not regret. Jaurim performed Kim Bum Soo’s “Day.”

Kim Kyung Ho sang Baek Ji Young’s “I Don’t Love You,” Park Wan Gyu sang Lim Jae Bum’s “Confession,” Yoon Min Soo sang BMK’s “When a Blossoming Spring Comes,” Juk Woo sang “Like the First Feeling,” and Gumi sang Park Jung Hyun’s “P.S I Love You.”