Park Min Young as a Sophisticated Movie Star for Singles

Park Min Young is gracing the pages of the January issue of fashion magazine, Singles.

The popular actress, who is known for her role as the female lead in “City Hunter,” elegantly posed in a chic yet simple black dress which revealed her bare back and contrasted with her milky skin.

The pictorial gives off a retro feel as if Park Min Young came out of a black and white movie. The star actress has opted for the infamous “Over the Shoulder” pose which gave off a radiant “On the Red Carpet” atmosphere.

In the second picture, she is seen nonchalantly lying on a sofa, as if she wasn’t really posing. Her pose and her shorts reveal her long and slender legs. She is seductively staring at the object with an intense look and smoky eye makeup, which adds to the dramatic effect.

She kind of reminded me of Audrey Hepburn’s almost natural elegance.

By sticking to the classics, the star of “City Hunter” radiates confidence and elegance with a chic and classy look. What do you think of this photoshoot?  Hit or miss?