[Soompi 2011] Must-Read Soompi Stories of the Year

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Yesterday we brought you [Soompi 2011] Variety Show Review – Revolutions, Controversies, and Creaky Old Backs. Today we talk about the opinion pieces written by our editors and writers. From fluff lists to editorials on the Korean entertainment industry, this year around Soompi.com had some intriguing and popular articles. We will take a look at them now!

1) Anti Fans and Their Power in the Music Industry

The most popular editorial was JangMinHo’s article about anti fans. The editorial included incidents such as obsessive fans writing love letters to their idols in blood and managers that had to step in and act out in violence against obsessive fans. A bit of a downer to read while having a festive mind for the New Year, but this topic is significant and something that needs to be read.

2) Celebrity Chest and Bikini Lists

Sex sells, and it is always fun writing about it! Haha, I’m embarrassed of talking about my own fluff lists, but they showed up as having a lot of hits. Here they are for your viewing pleasure: Which Celebrity Has the Best Chest? and Which Korean Celebrity Looks Best in a Bikini?

3) Celebrity Couples Falling in Love on Set

Oh looky here! An editorial from our resident Editor-In-Chief! Obviously the biggest celebrity couple that fell in love on set or atleast caused the largest ripples across K-Entertainment was Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young! Check out the article and the other celebrity couples that fell in love on set!

4) City Hunter Recaps

Although the drama recaps itself aren’t really editorials per se, thunderstix convinced me to include them because they were really popular and did take a huge chunk out of my life. Anyways, on a personal level, this drama had everything good that a television show should have and really was a hallmark in terms of production value for a Korean drama. Check out the final episode recap here!

5) 10 Women’s Fashion Styles Guys Absolutely Detest

Written by our editor hotshotlover30, this piece shows another type of editorial that was popular on Soompi.com, fashion editorials! The type of fashion editorials included lists, who wore it better, etc. There really is nothing more I can say about fashion because I do not know anything about it at all! But hey, it is doing well so it must mean that the editorials are doing something right!

Check out the 10 Women’s Fashion Styles Guys Absolutely Detest, here!

6) Celebrity Siblings?! Guess Again!

Amongst some of the fluff articles, a popular topic was celebrity look-a-likes. This editorial was a collection of them. I mean it is pretty neat, what do Kang Dong Won, Big Bang’s TOP, and Joo Won have in common? Or, what do Daesung and K. Will have in common? If you guessed, their shared love for pastrami you were wrong! Check out the article to see for yourself!

7)  Photoshop: How Much is Too Much?

Jeebus! I remember when hotshotlover30 wrote this article and it was pretty shocking at the time! (Also I am pretty sure that this was her first editorial of the sort) Anyways, photoshop is amazing, it makes people look skinnier have bigger butts. Wish I had photoshop for life. HAR HAR!


Happy New Years Everybody!

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