IU Was Once Called a Pig On Stage

It’s hard to believe that someone as adorable and as talented as IU could have received such hate, but the singer confessed on the December 27 episode of “Strong Heart” that she indeed became the target of hateful words. 

She revealed, “There were exactly two times that I choked up with tears while on stage. I was really excited on my debut stage, but the second I sang my first line, I heard someone swear at me. People in the crowd began telling me, ‘Did you even practice?’ and ‘You pig!'” 

“The three minutes it took to complete the song felt so long to me. Now, I get really excited when I hear cheers for me. I think that stage became a beneficial experience,” she continued.

She also expressed her gratitude for one fan in particular by revealing, “For my ‘Good Day‘ stage, one fan came to support me. She cheered as loud as 100 people for me. That was the day I won #1, and the first person I thought of was her, not my parents. I’m really not a greedy person, but I think it’s because of her that I wanted to become a singer who could take care of her fans.”