Super Junior’s Lee Teuk Thanks Fans

It’s been a long, busy year for Super Junior, but also one with many memories. Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk celebrated the year’s end by writing a thoughtful message on his Twitter. 

He said, “There aren’t many days left until 2011 comes to an end. I was so happy this year. I’m thankful that I can wrap up the year on a positive note like this, especially since I received so much love and it’s the last year of my 20s. I’ll work even harder in 2012, just as much as the love you all gave me! A man’s life truly begins in his 30s, so I’ll work hard to improve myself. Thank you.”

Born in 1983, this year is made even more special in that it’s Lee Teuk’s last year of his 20s. He’ll turn 30 next year (in Korean age), and he reflected his feelings in an additional tweet by writing, “I didn’t really feel anything in my teens to my 20s, but now that I’m at the end of my 20s, I feel restless and distracted.” 

Fans showed their support by tweeting in response, “Oppa, thank you, too,” “We love you for working so hard,” “Looking forward to your activities in your 30s,” and “Always supporting you, fighting!”