"M! Countdown" Prevails Over New Competition "Music on Top"

Cable network jTBC’s weekly music program “Music on Top,” a newcomer on the music show scene appears to be losing to its broadcast counterpart, MNet’s “M! Countdown.” Reports from a local news agency say that “Music on Top” may have been ill-advised in joining the music show competition since it lacks compelling content and is now suffering from low ratings.

“Music on Top” competes on the Thursday evening music program time slot with “M! Countdown.” While the two programs are not on at exactly the same time, their broadcast schedules overlap, leading to artists and their management choosing to participate in one program and not the other.

“When considering which program to appear on, it seems it is more advantageous to choose ‘M! Countdown’ over ‘Music on Top,’” a manager of a currently active artist told Newsen.

This leads to the more popular artists promoting on the MNet show. For example, the report says, in the upcoming episode of “M! Countdown,” Trouble Maker, Infinite, CN Blue, YB, A Pink, Boyfriend and B1A4 are some of the artists on the performance line-up, while “Music on Top” only has Double A as the noteworthy idol in its roster.

It also helped “M! Countdown” that its broadcaster MNet, has resolved its dispute with SM Entertainment, the management agency of DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee and f(x), some of K-Pop’s most popular acts. The resolution between the two companies paved the way for SM Entertainment artists to again appear on “M! Countdown” during rounds of promotions.

“Music on Top” was at first expected to provide a strong competition against “M! Countdown,” but the report suggests an easy victory for “M! Countdown” even with a cursory glance at each program’s performers’ list.