JYP Entertainment Artists Quietly Stage Charity Concert

It seems that the artists of JYP Entertainment (JYP) are now not only known for their singing, but their compassion as well.

News has reached the public that many of the singers under JYP have volunteered at the Samsung Seoul Hospital for nine years. A spokesperson of JYP said, “Groups like the Wonder Girls have even visited the hospital on December 27 for a New Year’s volunteer concert.”

The concert mentioned featured many prominent artists under the JYP label, including 2PM, miss A, Lim Jung Hee, and Joo. With an audience of over a thousand, these artists played a special part in the patients’ recovery by performing their hit songs along with their fellow JYP colleagues.

In 2002, one of Park Jin Young’s (the head of JYP) parents underwent heart surgery and recovered successfully. Since this incident, the label’s artists have started their volunteering. The concert itself is an annual festivity that has been a nine-year tradition, which showcases JYP artists’ concern for those in need of a little tender loving care.