g.o.d. Together Again for Kim Tae Woo’s Wedding

The legendary group g.o.d. got together for Kim Tae Woo’s wedding. It has been nearly seven years since the group had got together. On December 27 at 7PM, Kim Tae Woo wrote on his Twitter, “Everyone I am going to show you a very moving picture. I think it’s been 8 years? Kkkk We all came together. Thank you so much god brothers. I love you… brothers.”

The picture was taken on December 26 during Kim Tae Woo’s wedding. In the picture was also the eldest member Park Jun Hyung who had not made many public appearances recently.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I hope that all of you get together and release an album. Or even just a concert?” “I bet the older members must have been nervous and also excited that their younger member got married,” “It looks so good that all of you are still on good terms. Congratulations on your wedding Kim Taewoo!”

Kim Tae Woo wed Kim Ae Ri, one year younger than him at the Walker Hill Hotel on December 26.