9 Muses Add New Member Kyung Mi

The model-dols 9 Muses changed up their members and are now pursuing new activities. In February they had to halt their activities because of a few members. In 2011, 9 Muses promoted with only seven members after Rana and Bini left the group. With Kyung Mi, they will now perform as a group of eight.

It is also being said that they are trying to look for one more member as they are named 9 Muses.

The new member Kyung Mi is a skilled dancer who had performed as a backup dancer for other singers. She gained a lot of attention as being a pretty dancer and is also very good at singing.

9 Muses’ entertainment agency, Star Empire stated, “The 9 Muses have now gained a new member Kyung Mi, and with her we are planning on a new direction that is refreshing.”

The 9 Muses will release a new digital single in mid-January. One of their recent past activities was a performance with Seo In Young in the Middle East in October.